Laver cup winners

Laver cup winners

Despite the fact that Laver cup is a relatively new tournament, judging by the results of the past years this cup has every chance to reach the same level with the Davis Cup and Grand Slam tournaments.

Laver cup brief history

The Laver Cup is a tournament held annually between two large teams (starting in 2017), with the exception of the Olympic seasons, in different parts of the world. The motto of the tournament is “Pride. Honour. The trust. Respect”.

Two teams participate in the tournament: team “Europe” and team “World” (with the exception of players who are not included in the “Europe” team). Each team consists of 6 tennis players, four of whom qualify according to the ATP rating and two are chosen by the team captains (non-playing captains).

The tournament takes place within 3 days in the second half of September. Every day there are three matches in singles and one in doubles. According to the results of 12 matches the winner is determined. In the event of a tie, the decisive match is played. For each victory on the first day, the team gets one point, on the second – two, on the third – three.

In singles, each player is obliged to play one match and three more players (out of 6), at the option of the captain, play one more match. Match format: from 3 “tie-break sets”.

The pairs are completed before the start of the first day of the tournament and their composition does not change throughout the tournament. Each pair plays one match. Pair match format: two “tie-break set”, decisive set – “super tie-break”

On the eve of each game day, the captains of the teams submit the tournament referee a list of players with the number in single matches and one of the pairs that have not played yet. In the list it is not necessary that the player with a higher rating stand at number 1. The captain of the teams does not know which team will have a rival team on this game day.

In the case of the decisive 13th match, the team captains form pairs in any composition immediately before the match.

Team captains have the right to be on the court and advise players during the breaks.

For participation rating points are not charged, but there are substantial fees. In this, the Laver Cup is different from the Davis Cup, which, as an official ITF tournament, does not give either rating points or money.

On June 29, 2017 at the Cannizaro House Wimbledon Hotel in London, the trophy of the tournament was presented.

The cup is made of silver obtained after melting one of Laver’s first professional trophies – the US Championship. Handmade by Kevin Williams jeweler of the English company “Thomas Lyte”.

Laver cup winner

In 2017, the tournament was held for the first time, at the O2 Arena in Prague, in the last days of September. It is important to note that this tournament was held on unusual courts, which athletes are used to seeing. The court had an unusual gray color and a hard structure.

The European team was represented by tennis players who have long been known to everyone, among whom were: Roger Federer, Marin Cilic, Dominik Tim, Thomas Berdych and others. The team of the World included no less famous players: John Isner, Sam Curry, Nick Kyrius, Francis Tiafo and others.

For the first time in history, the two most famous tennis players Nadal and Federer met in a battle on the same court. For the first time since the introduction of the ATP computer rating (1973), the 1st and 2nd racket of the world in singles united in a pair!

The 2017 tournament ended with the European team’s triumph with a final score of 15: 9.

In 2018, the Laver Cup was held in late September at the United Center in Chicago, where Chicago Bulls Basketball Club is located, the former club of the legendary Michael Jordan, co-founded by Roger Federer.

The Europe team this year was represented by quite strong players: Roger Federer from Switzerland, Novak Djokovic from Serbia, Alexander Zverev from Germany, Grigor Dimitrov from Bulgaria, David Goffin from Belgium, Kyle Edmund from Great Britain. Jeremy Chardy from France was part of the team as a reserve player.

The World team nevertheless was also represented by equally strong players, this time there were many players from the USA: Kevin Anderson from South Africa, John Isner from the USA, Diego Schwartzman from Argentina, Jack Suck from the USA, Nick Chirios from Australia, Francis Tiafa from the USA. Nicholas Jarry from Chile this time was in the role of a substitute player to insure the team in case of an emergency.

Rafael Nadal and Juan Martin del Potro – the first and the fourth racket of the world, agreed to participate in the tournament, but because of injuries could not take part.

And this time the Europe team again became the Laver Cup winner.

The final day was the most intriguing. Initially, Federer and Zverev failed to consolidate the success after the 1st set and lost Izner and Sok. The team score was 8: 7 in favor of the Mira team. However, Roger and Alexander managed to rehabilitate for failure and in the epic fights to snatch victories from their opponents. The score was 13: 8 – sufficient for the general victory of the representatives of the “Old World”. And in this connection, the last scheduled match was not held.

On the account of the team “World” the only victory in singles, which had its own subtext: Kevin Anderson received satisfaction for “a sham honor” at the final of “Wimbledon 2018”.

Federer shared his impressions: “I always believed that we get along well and respect each other on the court, but the fact that we supported one during the competition, worked out tactics together and determined the team for each game day – it really was nice and energized me. ”

As for the prize, the winning team in 2017-2018 received $ 250,000. But payment checks were not the same and depended on the player’s popularity and rating. And for the losing team a cash reward is not provided.

It should be noted that Chicago is not a tennis mecca, professional tournaments are not held in it. The Laver’s Cup has greatly increased Chicagans’ interest in tennis.