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Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney Trace Brooks Discusses Common Misconceptions About Revocable Living Trusts

ByArlene Huff

Apr 3, 2023
Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney Trace Brooks Discusses Common Misconceptions About Revocable Living Trusts

Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney Trace Brooks (https://www.tracebrookslaw.com/common-misconceptions-about-revocable-living-trusts/) at Trace Brooks Law has released an article titled “Common Misconceptions About Revocable Living Trusts” to provide clarity on several common questions regarding the benefits of revocable trusts.

The article highlights common misconceptions about revocable living trusts, such as whether they help save on taxes or protect assets from creditors. According to the Atlanta estate planning attorney, a revocable living trust does not offer any tax-saving benefits during the grantor’s life. Also, a revocable living trust may provide limited asset protection benefits, but it is generally not an effective asset protection strategy.

“Many people believe that a revocable living trust offers substantial asset protection benefits, but that is not the case,” said the Atlanta estate planning attorney. “It is essential to understand that a revocable living trust offers no protection against creditors during the grantor’s lifetime. There are better ways to protect assets from current and future creditors, both during your life and after your death.”

The article also addresses the question of whether a revocable living trust is better than a will. Attorney Trace Brooks explained that it depends on the individual’s unique circumstances and estate planning goals. A will-based estate plan may be more cost-effective, while a revocable living trust-based plan may offer more privacy and ease of administration.

“Choosing between a revocable living trust and a will requires a thorough understanding of the client’s specific goals and needs,” said Trace Brooks. “We help clients navigate the complex legal and financial issues involved in estate planning to ensure that their wishes are fulfilled.”

Furthermore, the lawyer explains that there are situations where a revocable living trust could offer some level of asset protection benefits, albeit quite limited and uncommon. Due to the comparatively higher difficulty in collecting from a trust than an estate, a trustee may have increased negotiating power when dealing with creditors. Additionally, it is possible that a revocable living trust could protect against a creditor of the estate that the grantor did not owe during their lifetime, although this scenario is rare.

The article emphasizes the importance of seeking advice from an experienced estate planning attorney when considering a revocable living trust. The article also offers a call to action for those who have questions about estate planning or want to explore their options further.

“If you are considering a revocable living trust or need help with any aspect of estate planning, contact us today for a consultation,” said Trace Brooks.

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