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Discover Arterial and Venous Procedures at the Center for Vascular Medicine of Glen Burnie, Top Vascular Surgeon in the Region

ByArlene Huff

Jun 28, 2023
Discover Arterial and Venous Procedures at the Center for Vascular Medicine of Glen Burnie, Top Vascular Surgeon in the Region

Glen Burnie, MD – Chronic pelvic pain occurs between the hips and belly button and varies from person to person, whether severe/constant pain or intermittent dull aching. While several diseases can cause pelvic pain, it can also be a standalone condition worsened by sitting for long periods or participating in daily activities. To treat the condition, a doctor must first determine its cause to reduce the pain and other symptoms through treatment. The surgeons at the Center for Vascular Medicine of Glen Burnie diagnose, treat, and offer guidance for the pelvis and lower extremities’ deep vein and peripheral arterial diseases. The clinic has a three-year term of accreditation in vascular testing by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). 

Patients with chronic pelvic pain, peripheral arterial diseases, deep vein thrombosis, pelvic congestion syndrome, May-Thurner syndrome, post-thrombotic syndrome, and chronic venous insufficiency can visit the clinic for an exam. The team questions patients to identify buzz words like feeling heavy in the groin region, pain during/after intercourse, or swollen legs. They then determine whether the pain is related to improper vein drainage in the pelvic area using an intravascular ultrasound IVUS examination that sees inside blood vessels through sound waves. A surgeon uses a transducer to travel to the target area via a catheter inserted into a vein/artery to assess narrowed veins, discover blood clots, measure blood vessels, diagnose arterial diseases, and reveal more about plaque buildup. 

Alternatively, the Center for Vascular Medicine of Glen Burnie performs an angiogram or a venogram, outpatient procedures done under light anesthesia to capture blood vessel images, especially since arteries aren’t visible by x-ray. Instead, a surgeon injects a special dye or carbon dioxide to mark blood flow through blood vessels. Depending on the results, a surgeon recommends a chemical embolization, venoplasty procedure by inflating a balloon catheter, or iliac vein stenting to open a vessel/improve blood flow. The clinic’s angiogram procedures and treatments include atherectomy to remove plaque/debris and angioplasty to open blocked arteries. 

While the clinic diagnoses and treats vascular diseases, the surgeons provide remedies to reduce pelvic and foot/leg pain. These remedies include pain medicine and low-impact exercises that produce endorphins and increase blood flow. They also recommend taking hot baths, relaxing to manage anxiety/depression, using compression garments during pregnancy, maintaining a healthy BMI, and making healthy lifestyle changes like dieting or quitting smoking. Click here to learn more about their Glen Burnie office

Center for Vascular Medicine of Glen Burnie focuses on compassionate care and the team treats patients like family. They are committed to long-term treatment, monitoring, and preventing vascular diseases so patients can resume living with less pain, more comfortable treatment options, and short recovery times. Although many advanced procedures are minimally invasive and performed in the outpatient treatment center, they are equipped with diagnostic and interventional medical technology for extensive invasive procedures when needed. 

Their approach to care has earned the clinic many 5-star reviews and positive testimonials. Visit their website to schedule an exam, or call 301-486-4690 to make inquiries. Center for Vascular Medicine of Glen Burnie is located at 1600 Crain Hwy. South Ste. 410, Glen Burnie, MD, 21061, US. 

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