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Enjoy Improved Quality of Life with QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls)’s Regenerative Medicine Treatment for Joint Pain

ByArlene Huff

Nov 8, 2022

Sioux Falls, SD – QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls) has announced it is open and treating community members suffering from joint pain and related conditions. The pain control clinic uses regenerative medicine to address joint pain while improving patients’ quality of life and range of motion.

Announcing new slots for joint pain victims to book their treatment sessions, the pain control clinic’s spokesperson, Scott Hoots, noted that their treatment providers are recording huge success treating patients and helping them live a better life, thus necessitating the need to take on more patients and address their joint pain problems.

Speaking about the open appointment slots, a lead treatment provider at QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls) mentioned that their treatment approach is both personalized and minimally invasive. He mentioned that patients diagnosed with joint pain and recommended for surgery can avoid the risks and complications of surgical procedures by choosing their natural and long-term solution for joint pain.

Explaining the available treatment plans, the treatment provider noted that patients would enjoy a minimally invasive treatment option that leverages their body’s natural cells to ignite its innate healing capabilities. He further added that they work on ensuring that patients enjoy long-term treatment benefits, which are in the form of treatment of short-term symptoms like pain and inflammation, while also providing the essential building blocks for natural healing.

Describing their ideal candidate for regenerative medicine Sioux Falls, the clinic’s spokesperson said: “Our treatments are designed to help relieve pain in the joints due to sports injuries and arthritis, as well as non-sport-related musculoskeletal conditions. Have you been told you need a hip replacement? Are you looking to avoid knee surgery? Perhaps chronic arthritis has taken a toll on your body and is affecting your everyday activities. With the integration of all our treatment options, we’ve achieved maximum results time and again for our patients.”

QC Kinetix (Sioux Falls) is open to community members suffering from joint pain and common conditions like chronic knee pain and instability, knee popping, cracking, and snapping, decreased range of motion, hip pain, shoulder pain, torn ACL, MCL, LCL, and meniscus, torn rotator cuff, Golfer’s elbow, Tennis elbow, etc.

The clinic is open to patients who wish to learn more about it and its treatment procedures. Patients can schedule a consultation meeting by calling the phone line at (605) 202-2900 or visit the website to fill out a web form. The clinic is located at 4301 W 57th St, Suite 160, Sioux Falls, SD, 57108, US.

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