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Manhattan Family Law Attorney Richard Roman Shum Releases Informative Article on Joint Custody and Relocation in New York

ByArlene Huff

Jun 19, 2023
Manhattan Family Law Attorney Richard Roman Shum Releases Informative Article on Joint Custody and Relocation in New York

Manhattan family law attorney Richard Roman (https://www.romanshum.com/blog/how-far-can-a-parent-move-with-joint-custody-in-new-york/) Shum has penned a highly informative article titled ‘How Far Can a Parent Move with Joint Custody in New York?’. The article meticulously examines the intricate aspects of joint custody and the guidelines that parents must comply with if they intend to relocate while preserving joint custody arrangements in New York State.

In the second paragraph of the article, the Manhattan family law attorney discusses the importance of understanding legal guidelines regarding joint custody and relocation. He sheds light on the significance of seeking assistance from an adept New York child custody attorney to evade legal disputes and the potentially adverse impact on children involved. The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum is highlighted as a resource where Manhattan family law attorneys can furnish crucial guidance and advocacy during this legal process.

Manhattan family law attorney Richard Roman Shum comments, “Joint custody arrangements demand both parents to share responsibilities. This ensures that both have a say in crucial decisions impacting their child’s future. New York law mandates both parents to agree on joint custody, which must be in the child’s best interest for court approval.” The article further explains the types of joint custody recognized in New York and factors considered by the court when determining joint custody arrangements.

Richard Roman Shum delves into the concept of parental relocation, explicating how moving can have significant consequences on the non-moving parent, the child, and the custody arrangement. The article explains how relocation may disrupt regular parenting time, and the importance of written notice to the non-moving parent is emphasized.

“Parental relocation cases often involve numerous factors and can be emotionally draining. Understanding your rights and obligations under New York law is vital, as well as realizing the court’s focus on the child’s best interest,” remarks attorney Richard Roman Shum. The article advises parents involved in such cases to consult an experienced attorney for understanding the nuances and obtaining the necessary guidance and support.

Parental relocation in the context of joint custody is an intricate matter. The article by Richard Roman Shum is a valuable resource for parents, as it comprehensively breaks down the various elements involved in these cases. The guidance provided will help in making informed decisions and navigating the legal procedures efficiently.

To further acquaint parents about joint custody and parental relocation laws in New York, or for representation in related cases, they are encouraged to read the full article by Richard Roman Shum. It is a beneficial and practical resource for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of child custody and parental relocation in New York.

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