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Matthew G. Bellis Offers Simple, Permission Based, Quality Client Acquisition and Business Growth Consulting for Experienced Financial Advisors

ByArlene Huff

Jun 13, 2023
Matthew G. Bellis Offers Simple, Permission Based, Quality Client Acquisition and Business Growth Consulting for Experienced Financial Advisors

For over 20 years, Matthew G. Bellis’ expertise was discovering and investing in, along with client/investors, small, profitable, successful businesses that had simple unrecognized or undeveloped opportunities for significant and consistent growth… beyond their norm.

Key to his success was discovering how to frame simple conversations with his best clients. It enabled him to receive permission from them to discuss personal introductions to their quality relationships. Research has shown that personal introductions are by far more productive than referrals.

This type of  conversation was an easy phone conversation, comfortable for his quality clients and for Matt. Almost all of his best clients and the new quality clients that came on board agreed. Immediately his business growth gained momentum, then took off. Matt originally retired at the age of 50, but 15 years ago he began sharing his quality client acquisition and growth expertise with experienced Financial Advisors.

Client Centric Business Consulting (CCBC) for Experienced  Financial Advisors is a simple and effective Word of Mouth, Permission Based, Strategy for New Quality Client Acquisition.

It’s a solution that quickly, efficiently and effectively grows an Experienced Financial Advisor’s business and can be learned and implemented within 30 days, producing measurable, positive results.


Quality clients become the most productive Centers of Influence.

  • Quality warm introductions and new quality first appointments will increase dramatically as will the implementation ratio.
  • The book of quality clients will increase significantly beyond the norm (no more 80%/20%).
  • Productivity and revenue will increase markedly, as will the value of the business.
  • The need to prospect will be reduced or eliminated as will stress and marketing expenses.

5-Star Testimonials Include:

“I’ve had several folks in the past few years call me and ask me about the Bellis’ approach. Most advisors want to know the bottom line. Did it help my business? Was it anything new? Would I do it again? And even if it worked for me, could it work for them? The short answer to each of these questions is yes, yes, yes, and yes.”

“When I first heard Bellis talk about  permission, qualified clients, storytelling, etc. I thought there was nothing new here. But trust me, it’s all new. His approach is unique and simple. He’s all about doing business.”

“My “big break” came in 2008 when my broker/dealer told me about Matt Bellis. It’s amazing…. We’ve always been told to try to replicate the top 20% of our client book. For me and most advisors I speak to it’s been very difficult. Since working with Bellis, it’s become very easy.”

About Matthew G. Bellis

Matthew G. Bellis has helped hundreds of experienced Financial Advisors, over the last 15 years, quickly receive warm personal introductions to their best clients’ quality relationships. This has significantly increased their book of quality clients with a Simple, Permission-Based, Quality Client Acquisition Approach. 

Results come within weeks and there is no interruption to an Experienced Financial Advisor’s daily routine.

According to Matthew, “Your best clients, the clients you would love to replicate, will become  your most productive centers of influence by far once you frame your messages in a way that’s comfortable for the listener and you.”


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