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Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer Paul J. Tafelski Sheds Light on the Role of Alcohol and Drugs in Domestic Violence Charges

ByArlene Huff

Jun 13, 2023
Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer Paul J. Tafelski Sheds Light on the Role of Alcohol and Drugs in Domestic Violence Charges

Michigan domestic violence lawyer Paul J. Tafelski (https://www.michigandefenselaw.com/blog/can-involvement-of-alcohol-and-drugs-aggravate-domestic-violence-charges/) of Michigan Defense Law, recently published an article highlighting the role of alcohol and drugs in domestic violence cases. In the article titled ‘Can Involvement Of Alcohol And Drugs Aggravate Domestic Violence Charges?’, Tafelski, a seasoned Michigan domestic violence lawyer, examines how the involvement of alcohol and drugs can potentially aggravate the charges in domestic violence cases.

In the opening section, Tafelski emphasizes that most domestic violence incidents involve alcohol. He mentions that it’s rare to find drugs as the cause of anger in such cases, but alcohol is a frequent component. Tafelski, as an experienced Michigan domestic violence lawyer, discusses how the presence of alcohol in these situations may or may not make the case more complicated depending on the circumstances and the accused’s history with alcohol.

“Alcohol can make the situation worse if the person has a history of problems with alcohol and a history of criminal cases involving alcohol; those issues start to raise concerns in the court. It’s an issue that has to be dealt with but mostly alcohol is involved,” Michigan domestic violence lawyer Paul J. Tafelski stated.

Furthermore, the article provides insights into the legal distinctions between domestic assault and aggravated domestic assault in Michigan. It also covers essential information regarding the classification of domestic violence charges as misdemeanors or felonies, based on specific circumstances.

Tafelski underlines the importance of consulting a Michigan domestic violence lawyer when facing charges, especially considering that Michigan law does not classify domestic violence into different degrees of offense. He stresses the necessity of professional representation to safeguard one’s rights and work towards favorable outcomes.

Addressing parental rights and child protection, the article delves into situations where children are involved or present during a domestic violence incident. It details how the court may issue a no-contact order, possibly affecting parental rights indirectly. Tafelski explains, “Many times, we have had domestic violence cases that led to the filing of a complaint for divorce…the alleged victim will often use the allegation of domestic violence to try and gain an advantage in the custody situation.”

Protection orders and their significance in domestic violence cases are also discussed. Tafelski points out that alleged victims often seek personal protection orders, which are civil orders entered by a family court judge but can result in jail time if violated.

In cases where the alleged victim tries to contact the accused, Tafelski warns the accused not to respond as it may be considered a violation of the no-contact order. He advises the person initiating contact to approach the court to have the no-contact order lifted if they wish to communicate.

In light of the complex nature of domestic violence cases and the possible consequences, it’s vital to be well-informed and have proficient legal representation. Paul J. Tafelski and Michigan Defense Law are steadfast in their commitment to providing quality representation and creating defense strategies tailored to clients’ unique situations.

About Michigan Defense Law:

Michigan Defense Law is a legal firm with a focus on defending the rights of individuals accused of domestic violence. The firm’s team of skilled lawyers, led by Paul J. Tafelski, has a profound understanding of Michigan laws and a commendable record in handling domestic violence cases. Through tailored strategies and devoted representation, Michigan Defense Law aims to safeguard clients’ rights and mitigate the potential repercussions they may face.

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