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QC Kinetix (Myrtle Beach): The Sports Medicine Clinic Offering Restorative Therapy for Injuries

ByArlene Huff

Oct 6, 2022

Myrtle Beach, SC – Injuries are a reality for athletes of all levels, but with the help of QC Kinetix, those injuries don’t have to sideline them for long. QC Kinetix (Myrtle Beach) is a sports medicine clinic that offers restorative therapies to help athletes find relief from pain and get back to their game. The clinic offers various services to treat back pain, knee pain, muscle pain, and joint pain. With innovative treatments and a staff of experienced treatment providers, Kinetix (Myrtle Beach) is the go-to choice for athletes looking to get back on their feet.

“AS people embrace the health benefits of an active lifestyle, the uptake of sports and exercise has increased tremendously in recent years. However, with this comes an unfortunate rise in sports-related injuries. Luckily, at QC Kinetix (Myrtle Beach), we have a comprehensive sports medicine that incorporates biologic therapies to help our patients heal and get back on their feet faster.” Said the clinic’s spokesperson.

The ankles are under constant stress. Besides supporting the body’s weight, they also help to propel an individual forward when walking, running, or jumping, and while they’re designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, sometimes they need a little help. Fortunately, QC Kinetix (Myrtle Beach) is there with its biologic therapies that work to alleviate ankle pain and inflammation. What makes these treatments appealing is that they use the body’s own healing mechanisms to repair the damage rather than masking the pain with medication. As a result, patients can expect long-lasting relief from their ankle pain.

Whether one is a journeyman whose job requires them to lift heavy objects over their head or an athlete who relies on their shoulder for power and range of motion, shoulder pain can be a real impediment to daily activities. Thankfully,  with the help of QC Kinetix (Myrtle Beach), patients can find relief from this debilitating pain. The clinic’s regenerative sports medicine approach can help repair damaged tissue and get patients back to their pre-injury state. With its experienced medical providers and innovative treatments, the sports medicine Myrtle Beach clinic has helped many shoulder pain sufferers find the relief they need to return to their daily lives.

The rigor of competitive sports often takes a toll on the knees. Many athletes struggle with pain and reduced mobility due to bangs and bruises sustained during their games. QC Kinetix (Myrtle Beach) can help athletes get relief from their knee pain and regain full mobility.

QC Kinetix (Myrtle Beach) is located at 8210 Devon Ct Suite A, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29572, US. Clients can also contact the pain control clinic at (843) 310-2703 or visit the company’s website for more information.

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Arlene Huff

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