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Why Do People Love Lobster?

ByArlene Huff

Sep 23, 2020

Maine, located on the North Eastern seaboard of United States is known to be a scenic state. Maine is known for its long coastline and maritime history, and its diverse wildlife areas including the spruce and granite islands of Acadia national park, Canada’s largest island. Maintaining this natural beauty, Maine has built itself a tourism industry, creating a number of activities for people to enjoy. One of which being lobster fishing. Lobster is one of Maine’s best selling seafood, and with good reason. There are a number of fishing opportunities in Maine, and many of them are accessible by boat or other form of watercraft.

At day’s end a lobster fishing boat heads home after delivering its catch to market.

Lobsters are easily accessible throughout the state. Maine’s coastal waters are bordered by Canada, and it is possible to catch lobsters out on the North American continent. Many lobster fishermen in Maine also take part in spring salmon fishing. Maine is known to produce some of the freshest and most delicious salmon in the United States. The rich history of Maine lobster dates back over a century. As such, they offer many different kinds of lobster recipes, so that people can try out new things with lobster and enjoy the great taste of the lobster in their favorite recipes.

Lobster is a very popular seafood choice. Maine is also home to the largest population of wild salmon. It is possible to catch these large marine creatures by land, and it is possible to catch the mussels that floating off the shore in Maine. Many of these mussels are used in lobster preparations, so it is easy to find lobster mussels for purchase in stores. Maine is well known for it’s lobster industry, and it is important for people to explore the various lobster options and flavors available.

Arlene Huff

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